ARLOS/Red River Street

fullsizeoutput_cAll I can say is WOWZZZASSS! We arrived at Arlos around 1:45 today. Considering the craziness downtown today since the Inauguration it was more packed then usual. We had a 30 minute wait and I can tell you IT WAS WELL WORTH IT! The guy taking orders was so focused and on it. He was just trying to get everybody’s order as quickly as possible. Honestly, I thought he was rude at first but he was just trying to make sure everyone was getting their food and getting it as fast as possible.

I got a double cheeseburger with mayo, lettuce, mustard, and tomatoes with a side of French fries (all vegan of course). It was OFF THE CHAIN. Seriously, one of the best “burgers” I have ever had. The environment was super cute too. In the back they even have a little bar attached but that wasn’t open today. All in all though I have to say one of the best vegan food trucks I have been too with absolutely great service. If you’re downtown Austin near 6th street you should definitely stop by Arlos! 16105707_10155017400318278_6350595182913900745_n

Every weekend we are planning to try out different vegan food places mainly in the downtown Austin area. I will leave reviews here on my blog! If you end up trying the place shoot me an email! I would love to hear what you think about them as well! Or if you have any suggestions for me I love trying out new places! Next week is The Beer Plant!!


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