My FIRST Vegan Christmas!!


fullsizeoutput_1With the holidays here I have kind of struggled with being completely raw vegan. Although, I do plan to incorporate a lot more raw foods into my diet 100% raw right now might be to much for me for transitioning. I have kept it 100% vegan, though, so I am not mad at myself! The times that I have tried to transition over to veganism in the past I have always given up. Something about it was just so difficult to me. I was 100% addicted to cheese. Imagine givingย up one of your absolute FAVORITE items or food products. Well, that was cheese for me. I ate cheese like it was illegal. (Hints my weight gain.) So when I gave cheese up the first few times I kept going back. I would go out to eat and if it was in front of me it was like I lost all control.. and next thing you know I was knees deep in yellow goo. I ain’t playin y’all. CHEESE WAS THE BEES KNEES.

So how am I doing it now? I researched. I watched documentaries where doctors would explain why cheese and meat products are bad for you and the side effects of each of them. Soon after detoxing was nearing an end I stopped having those cravings. I b
elieve I have raw veganism to thank for being able to lose interest in those foods so quickly. I never thought I would say that but I did! I thought on Christmas Dayย I would totally cave in and have cheese AT LEAST. Nope! I totally resisted. The night before I maimg_1032e some of my favorite mashed potatoes with vegan cream cheese, vegan sour cream, vegan butter, and almond milk. Then I made some vegan Mac and cheese. BUT THE MOST WONDERFUL DESSERT OF ALL!!!! Snickers peanut butter pie! Omg y’all…. it was heaven. It was completely raw too! I left Christmas feeling a tad bit sluggish… (I mean I did eat A LOT of fat) but after an hour I was up and going again. When I got home I was cleaning and putting gifts away when usually I would be on the couch getting ready for a nap or getting ready to go out on the town.

This whole experience has just taught me that I am a lot stronger than what I let myself believe. I believe that before I really did try my b
est, but I just wasn’t strong enough yet, I wasn’t educated enough, and I just wasn’t ready. But if you continue to do your best when running toward your g
als, eventually your best will continue to get better and you’ll be accomplishing those goals and making new ones! Overall, don’t get down on yourself. Everything that is good takes time, and everything that takes time is always worth the wait in the end.ย What a great experience, and what a GREAT first vegan Christmas!!


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