Banana Blueberry Smoothie


Banana blueberry smoothie

  • 5 bananas
  • 1-2 cups of blueberry’s

Thought I would start with something super simple! This is my go to breakfast. I love it when I am on the go. It takes five minutes to make and I am out the door!! Not to mention it’s so pretty!! Who every said raw vegan takes to much time and effort obviously doesn’t realize how fast it is to make to go meals like this and how filling it is!!


CHEW YOUR SMOOTHIES! Sounds nuts. I feel so dumb chewing a smoothie in public! The reason: Without chewing your smoothie the body may not release pre-digestive enzymes. Digestion starts in the mouth. So when consuming a smoothie swish it around in your mouth and get your digestive juices flowing!


*I am not a Dr. This is strictly just advice based off of what I am learning throughout my journey. 

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