So I am going to get a little personal today… BEWARE. 

Day 5: This day was honestly the worst day I have had by far. When I was in Missouri I got a UTI. It was just awful! I wanted to try to get rid of it on my own without antibiotics. The next week it was gone, but I was eating horribly and drinking a lot of wine (which is the worst thing for a UTI). The UTI came back while I was there, but only for a day, so I ignored it. Well, fast forward to day four of my raw food challenge…. It came back. This time it was worse than ever. It hurt in my stomach, I couldn’t move off the couch, and I was in tears. FINALLY, I decided to go to the doctor. He tested me and checked me out. He said one more week and I would have been in the hospital! So I told him about my new diet and he said that I’m detoxing so it was probably also trying to get rid of my UTI. After I got the medicine I needed, I went and got juice and the rest of the night I was up and doing things!

Day 6: WOW! I have never slept so good. I was sound asleep ALL night. I was pretty tired when I woke up, but nothing I couldn’t push through. I woke up feeling so good! The title probably has you thinking I am gaining weight… but it’s the total opposite. I posted that because a lot of people have been telling me how eating this much fruit can’t be healthy and how I am going to gain weight from it… literally as they were eating a greasy  burger and french fries. (Yes this happened.) So, I want to show y’all what is happening with my body on this journey, which for me is not going to be easy to put out there… The picture on the left was SIX days ago, I repeat, SIX days ago. The right was today. I have lost 7-10 pounds! Now, a lot of that is probably water weight and the bloating going away, but hey I’m excited! The best part is I am eating whenever I want in abundance!  I wasn’t going to post these pictures because they are embarrassing to me, but I want y’all to see my full transition. I want to be 100% honest with what I am doing and what I look like. I want you to know the truth.  I feel so good after I eat too. It’s the best feeling when you are eating knowing that afterwards you will feel energized, fueled, and happy… instead of sad, bloated, and tired. I haven’t had any real serious cravings yet unless I am just hungry and thinking of food. Just all in all day 6 was a great day and I am hoping I have way more of these days!

My favorite thing by far on this diet though is experimenting with new foods! I have had some of the best food lately. Everything tastes so good and everything seems to have so much flavor. I am obsessed with Counter Culture right now and their raw dishes. I MEAN LOOK AT THIS RAW PAD THAI AND AVOCADO KEY LIME PIE!? To die for….

Pros and Cons I have noticed on the Raw Lifestyle

Pros: Clearer skin, shinier hair, softer hair, weight loss, energy, the ability to focus, happiness for no reason, love for others in a way I haven’t felt before, appreciation of nature, alert and in the moment, paying more attention to  what I eat.

Cons: Detoxing symptoms, fever, headaches, some constipation. (those all are normal in the first week so my cons might change later)

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