30-Day Raw Vegan Challenge!

Anybody else during college over-indulge in drinking, fast food, drinking, sweets, drinking, chips, snack cakes, cheese…and oh… did I mention drinking? I gained so much weight when I moved to Lubbock and ever since then I can’t keep it off. I have tried everything. Fad dieting was my favorite though. Fast weight loss? Why wouldn’t I want that? Well it works…. for the time being, then guess what…. you gain it all back PLUS SOME!

Two years ago I stumbled across this girl on YouTube named “Fullyrawkristina” she is a raw vegan. You know what that means? She eats ONLY raw fruits and veggies. That means NO COOKING ANYTHING, NO MEAT, NO CHEESE, NO OIL, NO ALCOHOL, ETC… Sounds nuts right!? I got to researching though because her story is amazing and really inspiring. Everyone should go check her out. I came across another you-tuber, rawvana. I literally watched all her videos in one night…. she described my life in a nut shell. She was exactly like me before her raw lifestyle. Fad diets, under-eating, over-drinking, and depression and anxiety issues. So for the next two years until 4 days ago, I researched, I bought books, I watched videos, I googled, I watched documentaries, and now I am going to go speak to a vegan doctor. Everything I looked up made me want to do it, but I knew I wasn’t ready.

Four days ago I finally decided I WAS READY! I am tired of being depressed, insecure, and just all in all unhappy with myself. So I decided on December 3rd to do a 30 day challenge and see what happens on this lifestyle to my body! I went to the grocery store the day after I got back from Missouri! I stocked up on an abundance of fruits and veggies! Day one was a breeze… I felt so energetic! I had 7 bananas that morning as an ice cream with some dates. It was sooooooo delicious. I was doing so much that day and smiling literally all day. I’ll tell you more about what I am eating in another blog, but just know it’s making me feel amazing! (:

Day 2: I noticed flu-like symptoms…. I was starting to detox… which scares the crap out of me! The thing is though, my body has to go through it in order to get to the point where I feel amazing! So I just keep telling myself… that it just means I am doing this the right way! Day 2 was an amazing day though! I met some great raw foodies through a Facebook group and they are ALL so helpful and welcoming. It’s a great feeling knowing people are out there who just want to help! Nothing in it for them at all. It’s inspiring, too, seeing them and how amazing they look. And not only that, but they’re happy! Literally glowing! It’s inspiring.

Day 3: I literally feel like I got hit by a bus! Somehow though, I am still up and going? NOT LIKE ME. I’m ALREADY noticing my skin and hair changing. My skin is so clear. The night my boyfriend and I were driving home I saw myself in the mirror and was like “NO, TAYLOR PASS ME MY MAKEUP!? I have blotches ALL over my face… my acne looks so gross.” Ask him… I was almost crying… but then again I do that a lot. Day 3 I went out with my friend for lunch with NO makeup and my skin was clear except for TWO pimples…. Whaaaat??? She even commented on how my skin looked clearer!? So that was exciting!

Day 4: Not gonna lie…. worst day. I woke up at noon y’all. Noon…. I physically could not get the energy to get up. My whole body was achy and I had a 102° fever. I couldn’t breathe out of my nose, my ears hurt, and my throat was gunky… My breath smelt horrible. Yea I said it… and not typical morning breath y’all. Like strep throat infection smell… gross right? (Good thing I have a boyfriend who loves me 😂) I just feel awful. I talked to some raw foodies and they said this is very normal, especially since I am going fully raw over night. My body is getting rid of all the toxins. I might feel awful, but I am still so excited. I can’t wait for tomorrow.

So far I’ve seen small changes and I’m not feeling the best, but good things take time. I’m tired of treating my body badly. It’s showing physically and emotionally. Day 5 tomorrow! Looking forward to all the days to come 😊 It’s time for a change!!

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